Medical Advancements In Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has been around for so long that it actually has no traceable beginning. As far back as ancient Greeks and Romans there are depictions of cosmetic procedures occurring to fix disfigurements that occurred at birth, as punishment for a crime, or war injuries. Of course, there have been constant improvements since the very first nose job, but the fact remains that for as long as there have been people, they want to look and feel their best.

Cosmetic surgery was once thought of vanity procedures reserved for the wealthy and the famous. This is no longer true. With increased pressure from society to reverse aging and to lose weight, cosmetic surgery has been steadily increasing in popularity and accessibility. “Medical Advancements In Cosmetic Surgery” has made it accessible to any one who desires it.

Once upon a time cosmetic procedures were considered appropriate for aging women. Today, it is no longer a gender specific specialty. Men are having more nose jobs and even tummy tucks performed than it was ever once thought possible. Age is no longer a critical factor. People in their teens, although most surgeons don’t recommend it, are having cosmetic procedures done. Those in their thirties and forties are quickly replacing the market and having anti aging procedures done as early as twenty seven.

Regardless of personal opinions about the popularity of cosmetic procedures and the “Medical Advancements In Cosmetic Surgery”, the increased desire to fix ourselves has led to a revolution within the industry. No longer are simple procedures cost prohibitive as price reduction has made it possible for many more people to elect to have these procedures performed.

“The medical advancements in cosmetic surgery” that have taken hold within the cosmetic industry have decreased the associated risks as well as decreased the drastic healing time that was once necessary for these procedures. It is now possible for a person to have a cosmetic procedure done on a Friday and return to work the following Monday, depending of course on the procedure.

There has been a race among plastic surgeons to make their services more accessible by making them more attainable. Medical advancements have led to less intrusive procedures and of course, more quick and easy procedures.

The Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures

“Medical Advancements In Cosmetic Surgery” have made cosmetic surgery very popular some procedures more then other. No one can really answer why certain procedures in the cosmetic industry have become so popular other than their ease of recovery and their basic simplicity. Most of the popular cosmetic surgery procedures are simple and easy fixes that aren’t nearly as dramatic as some of the more global enhancement operations.

The nose job, of course is ranked the most popular cosmetic procedure out there. A nose job is mostly a low to moderate intrusive procedure that dramatically alters the appearance of the face. A good rhinoplasty can significantly improve an individual’s facial appearance.

Liposuction is a very close second in the cosmetic procedure popularity contest. Americans in particular are quite overweight. In fact between five and fifteen percent of the American population is dramatically obese while seventy percent is a least somewhat overweight. These are staggering numbers. Liposuction has become popular because the results are typically top notch.

A simple eyebrow lift can truly enhance a face and take years off tired eyes. It is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures because it is truly a simple procedure with dramatic results. Both men and women find eyebrow lifts to be worth the money for their combination of results and discretion.

Breast enlargements are the fourth most popular cosmetic procedure despite the scare of the early nineties when breast implants began to leak silicone into their clients’ bodies. With the medical advancements in cosmetic surgery, the following year the plastic surgery community was able to produce safer breast implants and once again breast enhancement surgery was on the rise. Breast enhancement surgery has been a hot topic of social debate since the seventies when they first began their popularity ascent. Breast enhancement received a lot of attention for their medical advancements.

The face lift comes in at number five in the popularity contest regarding cosmetic procedures. While most clients are quite happy with the results, it is a more intrusive procedure and requires a longer recovery period than most of the more popular plastic surgery procedures.

Psychological Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Since its inception and “Medical Advancements In Cosmetic Surgery”, plastic surgery has allowed people to feel better about their outward appearance. Though it originated as a medical process of repairing disfigurements, the medical advancements of plastic surgery have encouraged the world to embrace a more beautiful side to themselves.

Most patients who have undergone cosmetic procedures report having a higher self esteem and a better quality of life. It is difficult to say whether their improvements in the quality of life come from a prettier face or from their improved self esteem, but ninety seven percent of all plastic surgery patients report appreciating the difference and would do it again if faced with the same options.

There are of course risks that are involved with any cosmetic procedure. These risks include complications from anesthesia, incomplete improvement and even disfigurement. Most doctors will tell you that the “medical advancements in cosmetic surgery” have drastically reduced the chances of the associated risks.

Two Brand New Procedures

Two of the newest “medical advancements in cosmetic surgery” are captique and contour threads. Both of these new procedures were designed to minimize both the typical risks involved with cosmetic surgery and the invasive procedures available. The medical advancements in cosmetic surgery push through quickly in an effort to provide faster, less invasive options to the clientele.

Captique is a new procedure that has jest been introduced to compete with the face lift and Botox. It is a chemical filler that is injected into the skin which in turn drastically reduces wrinkle appearance. It is completely synthetic and not derived from any animal products. The entire captique procedure is a quick outpatient visit that can be completed in about fifteen to twenty minutes, and the patient is then free to drive home. It does not act as a paralytic as Botox does, so the patient can reduce wrinkles while still maintaining facial expressions. Captique is currently only available in a few select clinics.

Contour threads is a brand new procedure that resembles a facelift, but it allows for the patient to retain their more natural and relaxed appearance rather than end up with tight skin pulled back over the head. Contour threads have actually been used in various other medical procedures, but have only recently become available in the cosmetic industry.

Contour threads are made from a clear, soft polypropylene. This eliminates the dark stitch areas that traditional stitches are known to leave behind. In the correct hands, contour threads can produce a very soft face devoid of wrinkles and serious signs of aging.

These two “medical advancements in cosmetic surgery” have created quite the excited buzz in the cosmetic industry. With leaps forward such as these it may actually be possible one day to get anti aging procedures done in an afternoon and return to work the next day as though nothing extraordinary happened.

Continual Progress

The cosmetic industry will continue to have remarkable advancements in its field and continue to produce procedures that can create wonderful outcomes with minimal interference in daily life. The less invasive these procedures become, the more popular they will become as well.

The cosmetic industry is attempting to produce natural results that only those closest to the patient will ultimately be able to discern plastic surgery procedures. The surgeons and researchers have of course not forgotten the original intent of the cosmetic industry. They are continually prototyping advancements in correcting birth defect and accidental disfigurements as well.

It is an exciting age to live in. We are rapidly approaching another outstanding revolutionary period in the cosmetic industry. It is important to keep yourself informed is you are even contemplating having any cosmetic procedure done. Sometimes waiting as little as two or three months prior to committing to a cosmetic surgical procedure can allow enough time for a new product to finish being tested and hit the market. With each “medical advancement in the cosmetic surgery” industry, each procedure will become less invasive and easier to recover from.

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Answers to Your Cosmetic Surgery Questions

As you explore your options for cosmetic surgery, you will likely have questions and concerns similar to other cosmetic surgery candidates. Before going forward with a cosmetic surgery procedure, you will have many issues to consider. Developing your understanding of cosmetic surgery is essential to making a well-informed decision about your body.

Five Common Questions About Cosmetic Surgery

What makes someone a good candidate for cosmetic surgery? The answer to this question has several elements. Most importantly, you need to be in reasonably good health without any medical conditions that preclude you from undergoing an elective surgery. Next, you need to have realistic expectations about how cosmetic surgery will improve your appearance. You need to accept that your cosmetic surgery will change a feature of your body – not change your body into someone else’s body. You need to approach cosmetic surgery with the goal of making yourself happier with your body and not expect other people to see or treat you differently. You also can find plastic surgery information on the various plastic surgery professional society web sites.
How painful is cosmetic surgery? Pain is limited or entirely avoided during a cosmetic surgery procedure with local or general anesthesia. During your recovery, however, you would typically experience a range of feelings from mild discomfort to some pain, which would be managed with pain medication. The extent of the cosmetic surgery will determine the potential for pain and the time it will take you to recover. A tummy tuck, for example, is a cosmetic surgery that affects a larger portion of the body than a brow lift. You should also note that pain is typically controlled immediately after surgery with long lasting anesthetics at the surgery site. This process will ease you into recovery. Because of long-lasting local anesthetic commonly used during the procedure and pain medicines taken after the surgery, most people complain of very little pain.

What age should people be to get cosmetic surgery? Although some procedures are only applicable to individuals approaching or experiencing middle age, such as a facelift, this does not mean that younger people never get cosmetic surgery. Younger people often get rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, or other procedures to change a body feature as opposed to alleviating the effects of aging. As long as you are over age 18, you can freely pursue cosmetic surgery, but it would be important for you to seriously consider your motivations and not change something about your body lightly.
What anesthesia is used during cosmetic surgery? The type of cosmetic surgery you have generally determines the type of anesthesia used, but you can discuss your preferences with your cosmetic surgeon. For less-invasive procedures, a local anesthetic that blocks nerve impulses at the site of the surgery combined with a sedative to calm you would be used. General anesthesia, in which you are made completely unconscious and oblivious to pain, is necessary for more extensive surgeries.
Does insurance cover cosmetic surgery? Usually medical insurance policies do not cover cosmetic surgery. It is an almost universal exemption from insurance coverage. However, select policies may pay for plastic surgery costs if the surgery corrects a birth defect that interferes with healthy functioning or to repair the damage left by an injury. For example, there are nasal breathing difficulties that can be corrected with nose surgery, and your insurance policy may cover it. Examining your policy and checking with your insurance company are advised because you can never assume that insurance will cover a cosmetic procedure.

During a consultation for Los Angeles cosmetic surgery, it is important that you ask whatever questions you like and have all your concerns addressed. You will be investing time and expense into the process, and you need to make sure that you are comfortable with what will be happening.

Does Google Know Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice Exists?

It seems crazy to think this but a recent study shows that nearly 85% of Internet users sought out some form of health care information online last year. In times when the Internet provides us with all the answers, people turned to it to help them with their medical questions. They may be looking for themselves, their family, or just researching. When you hear a staggering statistic line that, it only makes sense to be sure when the people come searching for cosmetic surgery services in your area, that they find you.You want to be sure that when a user types your name, or one of the cosmetic surgeries you provide into Google, that they will find you and your cosmetic practice Google is the largest search engine out there, so if they can find you and make contact with your practice, you’re going to have a constant stream of new enquiries.You can see where you stand in the eyes of Google with a very simple visibility test. If you type in keywords for the services you provide into Google, see where you rank. Type in commonly searched terms such as ‘liposuction’ or ‘cosmetic surgery’ plus the name of your city. Find out if you even show up in the rankings, and if you do where you stand. How did you do? Could have done better? How do you rank in relation to your competition? If your competitors are the cosmetic surgeons on top of these searches, then they are going to get the lions’ share of the potential patients searching for what you’ve got.There are some great tools and resources out there to help you ensure better search results for your cosmetic surgery practice, and these need to be worked into your online marketing program. Amongst these tools are Pay-Per-Click advertising and the Google Business Listings.Make sure when these potential patients do land on your website, that they have a clearly marked, easy way to contact you. Far too many cosmetic surgery practices make the mistake of having a ‘Contact Us’ page that’s difficult to find, buried within their website. Put your contact details clearly on every webpage.Before patients take on any type of cosmetic surgery, they often will use the Internet to research the procedures available, and the cosmetic surgeons carrying out these procedures. Therefore you need to represent yourself and your experience to the best of your ability on your webpages. Patient testimonials are great, because people like to see how other regular people like themselves got on. Before and after pictures work well for the same reason.These measures are what draw potential patients in to your cosmetic surgery practice, and they are what will set you apart from your competition. Google calls the shots, once you understand what they are looking for, you can design your cosmetic surgery website, and your online marketing to work with Google to make sure you are found by relevant searchers.

Cosmetic Surgery – 5 Tips For Finding The Right Surgeon

With more and more people opting to “go under the knife” in our beauty conscious world it is more important than ever to make sure you are armed with the right knowledge if you too are considering a spot of cosmetic surgery.Rushing in to a decision which will alter the way you look for ever is not something to be taken lightly and avoiding some of the horror stories we here about on the news is easy if you know what to look out for.Hopefully these 5 tips will help you come to the best decision you can for YOUR body.1) Never let other people influence your decision to go for cosmetic surgery. It is such an important decision with very real risks and ramifications that the decision to embark on surgery must come from you, and you alone. I have heard stories so many times of girls being pressured into feeling like they must have a procedure done because the models look so thin in the magazines, or their boyfriends think they need a breast enlargement or their friends tell them they need a nose job. If this is the case for you then I urge you to slow down and really think about whether surgery is in your best interests.2) Find a cosmetic surgeon you can trust and feel confident with. Not all clinics are regulated to the same standard but all cosmetic surgeons need to be qualified just like normal surgeons and they will have medical certificates to prove that they have passed the necessary exams. Ask to see the qualifications of your surgeon before even thinking about choosing them for such an important job.3) Get referrals – your G.P. is very useful for this. They will often be able to sit down with you and talk your options through and guide you towards a good plastic surgeon. If your G.P. has doubts about a certain clinic then it is very wise to heed this advice and steer well clear.4) Cost is an important issue and should not be taken out of the equation. Some surgeons will offer you an initial consultation but will charge you for this whether or not you go ahead with the cosmetic procedure. Some clinics have also been known to ask for deposits which turn out to be non refundable. All consultations should be a reasonable one of fee with no hard sales pressure to sign up then and there. If your cosmetic surgeon appears too pushy then take this as a red light – something this important should not be rushed and a reputable surgeon will not even try to rush you into anything.5) Where will the surgery take place? You may feel that you want to go to the best clinic regardless of location but for many people it is a sensible option to choose a good clinic within easy reach of their loved ones. It can make such a difference to how you feel after your operation if you are surrounded by those who care for you – you don’t want to feel as though you are all alone in a hospital after such a major piece of surgery. Planning the trip back home is important too. Many people don’t feel up to using public transport and so somewhere you can easily drive back home is a sensible option.While the media portray the image that cosmetic surgery is a quick, painless and simple procedure this is not always the case. It should not be entered into lightly and I really hope that my top 5 tips have helped you to assess the best way to find a clinic which will meet your needs and make the whole journey a little more pleasant for you.